The New Life of a “Free Man”

South Pasadena


The past two months I’ve settled into my new apartment in South Pasadena.  Most of my friends still live in Hollywood and the surrounding areas and I’m in town in a flash down the 110 south anytime I feel like it.  I can’t say I miss the grime and traffic of Hollywood…well, sometimes, but lately the serenity of Pasadena has been a comfort.  I’ve got wild parrots in the trees above my apartment and  an old fashioned soda fountain within walking distance that serves the biggest banana splits I’ve ever seen (lime rickey’s too).

I’ve been writing like a fiend and just finished the re-write of my screenplay…I’ve also been working on a novel that is entitled “BLASTCOUNT” which will relay my personal experiences with screenwriting, Hollywood, Cancer, and life.  It’s going to be a collection of stories, not unlike the blog.  I just found out that a teaser/summary of the book is going to be published in another friend’s novel about coincidences.  See my screenplay is about a CIA clinical trial, patients that endure torture through treatment of a certain chemical, a drug created by the pharmacology  giant Sandoz…strangely I was asked at the onset of my  diagnosis to do a clinical trial by Novartis (the company that absorbed Sandoz a few years back and holds all their old patents).  Essentially the book is about how I slowly became the lead character in my own screenplay…things were so weird, at times I was literally living torture sequences I had written in the script almost a year before (see pics from the blog “The Irradiated Man” to get an idea).  More on this in blogs to come…I intend on posting the prolusion or an excerpt from the book in a later blog.

Anyway, life has been good to me as of recent, I’m a new person with close to normal bloodcounts and no sign of disease. I try not to let the little things bother me the way they used too…ohh, traffic sometimes still gets in the way, but stepping out into the sun with a fresh brewed cup of coffee and breathing the Pasedena air….it makes me feel good, relaxed, and glad that I’m still here.

Thanks to all for reading….

I’ve set up an email for this blog, the book, and for anyone who has personal questions on Cancer, Advocacy, or just wants to say hi and relate their life experiences.

Thanks again,

Jonathan Goss


4 responses to “The New Life of a “Free Man”

  1. Claudia Tocci

    How wonderful to see an updated photo with your handsome smile. I’ve been checking this site every so often just hoping you hadn’t stopped blogging.
    You are amazing with unlimited talent, don’t ever stop writing it is your gift. I will never stop reading as I hang on your next entry… Stay strong.
    Love you,
    Claudia, Jeff & the kids

  2. Looking great Pilgrim. Enjoy your new life .Enjoyed your brief visit. Duke

  3. you look fantastic Jon! Glad to hear your settling into your new skin.

    thinking about you always and looking forward to reading your new work.

  4. Aunt Debbie

    Looking pretty sexy! I’m sure your new book will be a success. Write what you know is what they say and you certainly know about endurance and what is important in life. Can’t wait to see you next week!

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