The Irradiated Man…

After eleven, 11 minute blocks of radiation and two days of chemotherapy I’m finally ready for my transplant (tomorrow, Dec. 10th).  What a wild ride it’s been…I haven’t eaten in 5 days and the pangs in my gut keep me up at night, I’m hot one moment, chills the next, but all the pain and strife, it will be worth it, because like Little Orphan Annie said, “Tomarrow, New Marrow, it’s only a day away!”

Below are some pretty cool pics of the surrounding village of City of Hope and the radiation treatments.  Many times I felt like Spock…at least they let me blare mix cd’s overhead while I stood completely still for 11 minutes (sometimes forward, sometimes backward).  You’ll also see pictures of my lung blocks which were made out of lead and blocked my lungs from radiation, I thought they looked like angel wings.

Thanks to all for reading and the support…what wonderful people you all are!


25 responses to “The Irradiated Man…

  1. Auntie Debbie

    “Marrow Marrow on the wall , who’s the fairest of them all”? It is you Jonathan- you look so handsome. Thanks for the pictures so we can all see what you have been going through. I’ll be praying all day tomorrow. Love, Aunt Debbie

  2. Claudia & Jeff Tocci

    The pictures are great! Can’t wait to start counting up with you….Stay strong and give those angels a hug for us. Thinking of you everyday but even more tomorrow. Dec. 10 2008. Bone marrow day!
    Love you,
    Claudia, Jeff, Kathleen and the boy’s

  3. Good luck tomorrow Jon…the big day! I will be sending my love and prayers. After the journey you’ve been through, to see you sitting up in your bed smiling, makes me think that anything is possible in this world. Go get ’em champ!

    your cousin Jason

  4. Dear Jon,
    So great to see your face. Know that an army of angels will surround you in a funnel of light tomorroe and all the days to come. Love and prayers.
    Aunt Diane

  5. Kathy and Mark Aranson

    Jon, Your strength, wit, and tenacity have gotten you through to this point. Now lay back and let the new marrow take over!! We are all pulling for you. Love, Kathy and Mark Aranson

  6. Sarah's Mom and Dad

    Jonathan, You are in our every thought. Tomorrow is your day- relax and know that all is well. Gayle and Sarah- we’re there holding your hands. xxoo John & Amy

  7. Jonathan,
    I was so happy to see that you posted something today, I check every day. You looks so handsome and I am so glad to see that you are surrounded by such beautiful and familiar things- the bessed mother, red roses and flowwing water (not to mention mom and sarah). I will be with you in spirit and in your heart tomorrow. I am so admirable of your strength. Keep smiling, you are bound for great things!

    Endless love

  8. Dear Jonathan,

    Howdy from Greg and Janet. Wow, those are amazing pictures. We are thinking of you today and for sure tomorrow as well and give you both our support and blessings during this time, along with our prayers.
    I know you are a movie person and the pictures of you holding on standing up in front of the radiation machine remind me of that scene in Star Wars when Hans Solo was encased in “Carbonite. Such bravery you have Jonathan. Take care and we will think of you tomorrow.
    Warmly, Greg and Janet

  9. Sara, Don, and Donny

    Jon –

    Thanks so much for writing and sharing the pictures. We check your site every day and always read your mom’s emails every night. We will be praying for you tonight, as well as all the people I told to pray! We love you, and are so impressed by your bravery and positive attitude. Love, Sara, Don, and Donny

  10. Jonathan, I am so proud of you. You have been through so much in such a short amount of time and have kept positive with great determination and courage.

    Thank you for witing the blog, it helps knowing how you feel and what you are thinking while going through this.

    I love you very much and wish I could be there with you.

    Love, Aunt Lana

  11. Jonathan Hudson

    I have always thought of you as my little brother. That’s because I am one day older than you. You are still making me laugh and I love the writing because I get to share you with people who don’t know you. Whether it’s yelling “broke engine” with the captain of the fishing boat right next to you or participating in one of are many pranks you have always been there for me and I wish I could be there with you. Tomorrow will be a good day. You are always in my prayers.

    I love you brother,


  12. Dear Jonathan,
    You can and will get through this. You are strong! We will be thinking of you all day. So keep shining (or glowing depending on the radiation).

  13. Jon,

    Just wanna wish you all the luck tomorrow! Your in my thoughts everyday. Your courage and humor in the face of all this is amazing. As I am writing this sitting in my messy dorm room, Queen’s “We are the champions” randomly started playing on my iTunes. Coincidence? I’d like to think not! No better song can sum up your experience and all you have been through. “It’s been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise”. But when its all said and done Jon, I know you will come out on top. After tomorrow is over with, you will be on your way to recovery. See you there!

    Your cousin Brian

  14. Hi Jon,
    Today is the day!!!! I think of you all daily and check this site often. Thank you for the pictures and allowing us to have a visual of your world. You are in my thoughts and heart today and always (as are your mom and Sarah). Wishing you all the best for today!!! I can’t wait to read that the procedure went well and we can all begin to count upwards w/ a “+” next to the numbers, instead of a “-“.
    Livestrong, Nicole 🙂

  15. Hi Jonathan,
    Sorry for the previous entry with nothing! I work for your Auntie Joyce, and have heard so much about you, I wish you the best of luck with today. I keep telling your aunt how handsome you are!!
    Best of Luck

  16. Gossman,

    Thinking of you buddy. Best of luck and kick some ass.

  17. Hey Jonathan I am praying for you bud…I know that everything will work out. I am so glad my dad made it out to see you and I am looking forward to meeting Sarah someday. Hey I Love ya cuz!

  18. Jonathan,
    I just know those bone marrow cells are on their way! Those little suckers are sticking like vel-cro!! We’re with you always. Love, hope and prayers are so powerful. You’ve got loads of that!

  19. Hooray! I get to take care of Ralph over the holidays! Uncle Bobby is thrilled! Ha! Ralph and I will make a special wish everyday for you.

  20. Ken & Marie Simms

    We’ve wanted to check up on you sooner. You must have heard about our “Doctor Zhivago” ice storm. We were without heat and power for three days and phone, TV and internet for seven. We just got these back up yesterday.
    Thank you for the great pictures. They’re amazing, the stuff that films are made of (I know, the stuff of which films are made.)
    We’ll be eagerly awaiting to hear of your progress. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to you, your mom and Sarah.
    Love, Ken and Marie : )

  21. Jonathan,
    Use your director’s skills. Tell those marrow cells where to go and what to do. They’ve got to listen to you! You are in charge!!

  22. Hey Jon!

    I’ve been reading your site though have been too overwhelmed to attempt at writing to you. But I just heard that you’ve eaten for the first time since the transplant and that all signs are positive.

    Reading your thoughts here is a reminder that most of us only ever face molehills in our lives. Seeing you battle with that grin should give pause to anyone who doubts their own strength. You shall stare down the face of oblivion and emerge victorious.

    Merry Christmas, buddy; sorry it’s been so long. I look forward to you regaining enough strength to write again…

  23. Jon. All the guys from the airport send you there prayers ,we had our christmass party the other night and they all asked to be remembered to you ,It was the usual gathering of pilots,lots of story telling, about unbelievable landings in far off places, kind of like a typical Fridays lyers lunch. Mom says things are improving. Dropped Nick The Stick of at the airport yesterday and he was on his way to shaky town. Love you Hup

  24. Merry Christmas Gossman! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you and your family. I hear your recovery is progressing well and I know that your release is just around the corner. I’m sure it can’t come soon enough for you. While I know this has been the most difficult obstacle of your life I know it is encouraging that you have so many friends, family members, and total strangers that are behind you and always hoping for the best for you. This has been a long trip but it will be over soon and I’m excited for the day when this is all just a memory…you’ve been an inspiration to all…

    Love ya brother.


  25. It’s a new year my friend!

    Things are looking up, and I look forward to seeing you on your feet and beating the qworld as you are meant to do!

    Love you pal,


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