Jonathan blogging


3 responses to “Jonathan blogging

  1. Good Morning Jonathan….. Uncle Gregg and I loved seeing the photos…. Wow! Thank goodness this horrific rash has started to subside. It was incredible! You had to see it to believe it. Hope today is a good day…. love and prayers are with you always… Wishing you and those two lovely angels a “Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day”… Love you all.

  2. Dear Jonathan,

    Greg and Janet here; We are amazed at those pictures, and your stamina to stay so focused, positive, and in such good spirits. We see that your in good company, Sarah is by your side, wonderful! I am so glad that she is there for you, and that she is truly a great friend, sticking by your side during this ordeal. As I said in an earlier post, both you and Sarah are welcome to “escape” to Orange County when you are able and spend some time away from the hospital/L.A. in general and enjoy suburbia at our quiet home, with a room for the both of you, and a back yard with a patio/swimming pool. We have a large home in Tustin and welcome you soon. Mostly faithfully, Greg and Janet

  3. paul maruszewski

    Hey….good morning and good luck. We are all praying for you and we know all will be well, also I can see your mom has not gone Califonia blonde yet……God Bless


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