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4 responses to “Recent photos

  1. Jon Leominster 18 Fitchburg 21 in overtime Hup

  2. Ken & Marie Simms

    Thanksgiving Day is a perfect time to say “Thank you!” to you. Your blog is so special to all who care and pray for you daily. Your experiences become more real and meaningful in all of our lives. Know that we’re with you in prayer and spirit. Our love to you, your mom, and Sarah.
    Ken & Marie : )

  3. Sarah's Mom and Dad

    Hi Jonathan,
    We’ re thinking of you today, and your mom…
    we’re thankful that our Sarah is there with you both. We miss her, but we’re happy that she is there for you right now during this genesis of life you are experiencing.
    Love you all ! xxoo

  4. sister in law of Patrick’s here. thinking about you and you are on our prayer list posted on our thermadore. looking forward to reading your blog.

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